Who we are

We exist to help ambitious businessess to grow, through the generation of high-quality leads.

Before saying who we are,
it is important to say who we are not.


We are not a recent
Digital Marketing Agency

Although the agency was only created in 2017, our team has more than 10 years of experience in the market.
We have all the necessary knowledge and certifications in the purchase of advertising in various platforms, assuring the necessary experience to achieve the results sought by our partners.


We are not only a supplier.
We are also a business partner!

We work side by side with our clients, developing Digital Marketing strategies that allow you grow quickly and properly.
As an evidence of that, our clients have renewed their confidence in GeroDigital year after year, and in this sense, they have increased their investments.


We are not a service
provider Agency

This point is one of the highlights of the market. Our team is made up of several areas, all of which are necessary to ensure that our customers get what they need.
Whether it is leads or sales, the client pays only for what they are really interested in, the conversions that result in more income at the end of the month.


Small is the new big

Golden rule: achieve the right balance between quantity and quality.
We make quick decisions, follow our partners on a daily basis, and think and execute big.
We collaborate with large brands and SMEs, always offering the maximum commitment.


We do Digital Marketing,
we don´t just communicate.

Our marketing strategies and campaigns are result-oriented, focused on numbers, namely to results that impact businesses. We use creative and unconventional ideas, but we are not a creative agency.
We do Digital Performance Marketing with the best results in mind: increase customers and profits for our partners.

Meet our Team

We are not just any team. We have built a team of specialists in Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads, UX/UI Design, Sales Manager, Business Manager, as well as Digital Marketing Managers.

[:pt]César Midão | GeroDigital[:]

César Midão


Vera Silva

Operations Manager

Mariana Faria

Performance Marketing Team Lead

Luis Cordeiro

Business Development Manager

Gustavo Rotini

Performance Marketing Designer

Joana Mendes

Performance Marketing Manager

Sara Villena

Performance Marketing Designer

Joana Machado

Performance Marketing Designer

Cleidson Costa

Performance Marketing Manager

Fátima Figueiredo

Performance Marketing Manager

Rita Silva

Performance Marketing Manager

Óscar Lomelin

Performance Marketing Manager

Caroline Possas

Data Analyst

Inês Ferreira

Performance Marketing Manager

Ana Pires

Performance Marketing Designer

Catarina Mucha

Performance Marketing Manager - Trainee Program

Carolina Figueiras

Business Development Manager

Join our team

We are always looking for new people that would like to join our team. We believe that the better things can be done if we work together. Therefore, we are fully dedicated, with a positive attitude, and motivated to boost the results of our customers in the digital world.

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